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The alcohol industry has a dedicated code for the responsible marketing of alcohol. The ABAC  Scheme is a regulatory body for responsible alcohol marketing in Australia. It has the support of Australian Governments and the vast majority of the alcohol, media and advertising industries.  The Code spells out what you cannot say, show or infer in alcohol advertising or packaging and includes restrictions on where alcohol marketing can appear.  The ABAC Scheme also has a Pre-Vetting Service which provides confidential advice on whether proposed alcohol advertising or packaging is consistent with the Code.

To find out more about the Code and how to access the Pre-vetting Service:


With Keypass in Digital iD™ consumers are able to use their smartphone to prove their age, so that they can purchase alcohol and gain entry to 18+ venues. Keypass in Digital iD™ is accepted as proof of age to enter participating licensed venues and to purchase alcohol in NSW, Vic, Tas, Qld, ACT and NT (excluding takeaway alcohol in NT). Since a user of Keypass in Digital iD™ must be over 18, it is a simple and easy way for Retailers in the Code to meet their adequate procedures test under the Code.

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