Feb 7, 2020

Code Update: February 2020

This Update contains important information on Code compliance in relation to alcohol sold on microsites operated on third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Kogan.

Compliance and Third-Party Microsites:

Retail Drinks is aware of the fact that Retailer Signatories may not be able to comply with all elements of the Code as their interactions with customers who transact on these microsites occurs after the online transaction has already been completed, and is limited to order fulfilment. Practical issues therefore arise in relation to matters such as effective self-exclusion and compliance with dry zone restrictions.

Retail Drinks is committed to working with third-party marketplaces to devise a solution to this issue which will also be carefully considered by the Code Administration Committee (CAC).

We will continue to keep all Signatories informed of any relevant updates on this issue as they arise.

Am I compliant?

In the meantime, Code auditing will NOT apply to transactions processed on any third-party marketplaces and the Retail Drinks Board has formally excluded transactions on these sites from the scope of the Code.

As long as a Retailer Signatory is compliant with the Code with respect to their own websites (i.e. where they do control the transactional site for purchasing and ordering), that Signatory will still deemed to be Code-compliant until otherwise indicated.

If you have any further questions or enquiries regarding the Code, please contact Retail Drinks directly on (02) 8335 3200 or code@retaildrinks.org.au.